Non-Ticketable Offences

Common Non-Ticketable Offences

This web-app provides CJS / MetCodes for ticketable offences. You may have searched for an offence for which a ticket can not be given.

You’ve likely ended up on this page as the offence you’re searching for is not one for which a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) may be issued.

Instead, the offending motorist will need to be reported for summons to Court in order for the matter to be dealt with. There may be additional investigative requirements—such as S172 Notices served, an Interview, alcohol or bloods procedures—required in order to prove the offence.

Commonly searched for on this web-app include:

  • Driving Whilst Disqualified / Disqual
  • Drink Drive / Drink Driving
  • Drug Drive / Drug Driving / Cocaine / Cannabis
  • Prescribed limit offence / Unfit
  • Dangerous Driving / Drive Dangerously
  • Failing to Stop / Fail to Stop / FTS
  • Defective eyesight
  • Fail to provide
  • Double yellow lines
  • Vehicle Excise Licence / Vehicle Tax / VEL / VED / RFL


Updated on 2023-03-10

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